Thursday, June 14, 2018

US Hwy 50 day ten, mission accomplished

This afternoon around 2:00 we backed into our site on Bodega Harbor.  The water around us is in Bodega Bay but it is waters of the Pacific so we have completed the trip from shore line of the Atlantic to shore line of the Pacific.  US Hwy 50 began only a few yards from the beach in Ocean City, MD but on this west end the last route marking sign was seen along I-80 as we drove around Sacramento, CA.

Here is our camp-site for 3 nights

Today's drive was simply beautiful.  Soon after leaving Carson City we were skirting around Lake Tahoe and then up and over the Sierras with many switchbacks and long up and down grades.  There was much traffic but the speed was slow due to the curves.  Today's drive sure wasn't on a lonely road.  There was heavy traffic all day especially around Sacramento on I-80 with 6 to 8 lanes.

We have now completed all 3131 miles of our planned trip and this is the combined ten days all together

and this is our day ten route 247 miles

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