Saturday, June 09, 2018

US Hwy 50 day six

Today's trip took us through the rest of Kansas and into the southeast corner of Colorado.  There were miles and miles of very little to no traffic with only one hiccup and that was in the town of Cimarron, KS where as we got close to town the police had the road blocked and were turning folks around.  There was a big fire just ahead and the fire trucks needed the roadway to do their work.  Our detour was to backtrack to almost Dodge City before there was a paved road to then go north to another local road that took us back west to get around the situation.  We had plenty of time in the day and plenty of fuel so not a big concern for us.

This morning just a few miles before we got to Dodge City we passed the mid point (by miles) of this coast to coast trip.

we have now completed 1791 of the total 3131 miles

This is our day six route 334 miles

and this is the combined days 1-6

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