Saturday, November 01, 2014

cold morning

When I got out of bed this morning our thermometer said 33° but later I spoke with a campground worker and he said that the night's low was 25°.  That might have been the weather mans low which was probably down by the river in KC's downtown airport.  The next ten day forecast looks like more seasonal temps so we have a little bit of time to get the freezable items out and winterize the trailer.

We backed into the driveway a few minutes till noon after a fun two weeks plus a few days.  Now its time for 2015 planning.  I have a few items already in the idea box.

Tune in again next March for more of our travels.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

service complete

Our appointment each year is to be at the service doorway at 7:00 in the morning when the crews begin their day.  The door opened at that time and we were guided into the shop to park where they could work.  We sat in the service lounge and two hours later they came to say that our work was complete.  We then headed for Kansas City and made it to the Oak Grove KOA right at noon.

Tomorrow we plan to visit with cousin Al and then head home on Saturday.

The weather forecast isn't sounding very nice for the Halloween night low temperature.  They are saying that Friday's high will be only in the 40s and be in the upper 20s at wake up time on Saturday, brrr!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We are now sitting in the Chanute City Safari Park and Campground.  This is a very nice little park that is only about 1/4 mile from the NuWa factory and the price is right, it's free.  The sites have only water and electric but there is a dump station if needed.  Our appointment for service is for 7:00 in the morning and if the work goes as it has in the past few years we will be out by noon.

NuWa doesn't manufacture trailers any more, since late 2012, and now call themselves The Kansas RV Center providing sales and service for all brands of trailers.  The service personnel are the same folks that used to manufacture so are quite well experienced in any kind of repair.  We always have the roof and all seams checked for need of re-caulking and any other minor fix-it-up items.  This time we have a seal across the top of one slide-out that needs replacing.

They do have a couple of new HitchHiker models for sale that are now produced by Peterson Industries which is another Kansas RV manufacturing company located just west of Marysville in northern Kansas.  Peterson is also a top notch company producing high quality units and considered to be one of the top three RV companies.  However Jo and I believe that the trailer we now have will be our last RV since we know it is a quality unit and we customized it when it was built and have done our best to maintain it in top condition.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Adios Indian Nation

We have surely enjoyed our past couple of weeks here in Oklahoma.  Tomorrow we say adios and relocate in Chanute, KS where we have our annual service scheduled with our trailer manufacturer.  This is the same kind of trip that we have enjoyed the past several Octobers in neighboring States close enough to end up in Chanute.

We have had comfortable and well kept campsites along with beautiful weather while here these past two weeks.

Monday, October 27, 2014

the calm after the flurry

After yesterdays marathon of pictures from the Woolaroc Ranch today was calm and quiet.  It was windy but still quite warm.  Our pictures from the museum were only a brief glimpse of the magnitude of that interesting place.  The western art was exceptional as was the display of everything including the Colt and Winchester collections.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Woolaroc Ranch 3 of 3

 These last three were taken inside his lodge which is totally his furnishings and we could only look into a couple of rooms.
He died in 1950 and his wife in 1948

Woolaroc Ranch 2 of 3

Woolaroc Ranch

Today we took a nice drive around this part of Oklahoma.  The first stop was the town of Hominy, OK where there were several murals painted on the side of buildings.  There were more than we took pictures of but most of them were badly weathered and not attractive.  All were of an Indian theme.

Then we drove to the town of Pawhuska, OK which is the nearest town to the ranch where the "Pioneer Woman" TV show is produced for the Food Network channel and is where Lee Drummand does her local shopping.  We didn't take any pictures here.

Then we drove to Bartlesville, OK and had lunch at a very good pit BBQ restaurant.  Then it was just a few miles south of town to the Woolaroc Ranch which was the ranch owned by Frank Phillips who founded the Phillips Petroleum company many years ago with his brother.  The ranch was originally called the FPR (Frank Phillips Ranch) and he named his lodge Woolaroc which stands for wood, lake, and rocks.  Later the whole ranch was known by that name.  He stocked his ranch with many exotic animals as well as longhorns and built a museum to house his many collections of art, western lore, and his Colt gun collection along with a Winchester gun collection on loan from others.  Here is where we took many, many pictures and I will post a few with this blurb and more later.  The museum was massive and wonderful.  We enjoyed this visit very much.