Wednesday, August 26, 2015

a great trip

It was a super trip.  The tour group was a mix of folks from US, Canada, Australia, & South Africa.  Several of the US folks were from Hawaii.  Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and our coach driver was a capable and safe driver.

One of the group was blind and was an inspiration for folks with disabilities as he was always upbeat and pleasant.  His wife was at full attention but he managed the stairways of the coach, walking tours, and dinners without a cane or any problems.  Most of our accommodations were very nice but most days began early and ended late.  It was nice to be able to see as much of this part of the British Isles as we were able.

Yes I did try hagas, it wasn't bad but I don't want to make it a staple in my diet.  In Hawaii you have to try the Poi and in Scotland you have to try the Hagas.  The poi tasted like wallpaper paste but the Hagas was more favorable.  They told us that the original recipe was that all of the sheep was ground up for hagas except for the bones and skin but now the mix is more selective of components and wasn't that bad to taste.  It was served at all breakfasts in Scotland.


Today we toured Edinburgh and visited the Edinburgh Castle before our farewell dinner as the tour comes to an  end.
view of the castle from downtown Edinburgh
 our local guide in kilts and our coach driver
 Edinburgh Castle
 a view of Edinburgh from the castle
 monument in downtown Edinburgh
 The castle from downtown
 downtown monument
 The castle from downtown
 St. Andrews monument
 downtown monument


We move from Inverness to Edinburgh with a stop at St. Andrews, the home of golf.    On the way we stopped at the prehistoric Clava burial cairns dating back to 20000 BC.

 typical view of the narrow roadways
 The heather wasn't in full bloom but did show some light lavender color
 St. Andrews Links golf shop
 18th green
 club house
 1st tee

 St. Andrews golf museum

 Railroad bridge over Forth river
 downtown Edinburgh


This morning we visited a working sheep farm with a demonstration of great herding border collies.  Then it was a stop at Culloden Moor where Bonnie Prince Charlie's jacobite army was finally defeated.
 one dog was sent to bring in the herd now seen at the tree line

 the rest of the dogs keep the herd in a spot

 one sheep sheared for the show
 Jo with a future herder
 The bonnie Prince Charley
 Irish hairy cattle

 On Loch Ness
 What is that just below the surface?
 views from the boat

 our boat
 the visitor center for our boat ride