Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Here we go, July is all set

Today we have completed all planning and now have a confirmed itinerary for our July trip to Alaska.  We will fly from St. Louis to Fairbanks on Saturday July 14, 2012.  While in Fairbanks we have a couple of local excursions planned plus a 3 day round trip up across the arctic circle to the Prudhoe Bay oilfields and back.  Then we board the train to Denali National Park where we have an all day guided bus trip into the park.  Then it's back on the train to Anchorage where we have a flight-seeing trip planned to see bears plus a visit to the Alaska Native Heritage Center.  Then it's back on the train down to Seward for an all day cruise in the Kenai Fjords National Park before a bus trip back to Anchorage and the flight back to St. Louis on Saturday July 28, 2012.

check out for more detail

Over 10 years ago, our brief visit to Alaska combined with a seven day cruise from Seward to Vancouver, BC just gave us a taste of this beautiful State and we have very much wanted to get back for more.  I know that this is plenty early to be finalizing these plans but at this time all of our desired excursions are wide open and we have selected the timing of "our choice" instead of having to take what was left to pick from.  We fully expect that this trip will provide us with many great photo opportunities and promise to post for all to enjoy.

Friday, November 18, 2011

ready for winter

With the nice warm weather that we have been having so far here in November I have had some good days for winterizing the trailer.  Last week I finished taking care of the plumbing by pumping pink, non-toxic, antifreeze through the whole system.  Earlier this week I cleaned the bugs off the front and then put two coats of wax over the front cap to help protect it from the rest of this winter.

I'm trying something new this year by putting a couple of "Damp-Rid" containers inside to help prevent mold that might result from excess humidity.  In the past I have used some pouches of moisture absorbent chemicals but always wondered, "where did the moisture go?"  With the "Damp-Rid" system the chemicals draw the humidity from the air and deposit liquid into the bottom of the container.  When the chemicals are all gone I can dump the collected liquid and refill the cans with new chemicals, we'll see.