Saturday, September 15, 2018

Back at the Manor

We got on the road a little past 8:00 this morning and the weather was nice all day.  Made it home a little past 4 pm.  A few traffic snarls but all in all the drive was good.  Even our timing for St Louis which was right at 2:30 pm and one hour later would have been hectic.

Now we lick our wounds and plan for another day.  Right now our next outing is the latter part of October when we plan a camping trip to southern Missouri.

Friday, September 14, 2018

A Great Big OOPS

I guess we didn't really want to see Spain and Portugal?????

Today we were all ready for a shuttle van from the airport to pick us up at Phyllis' house.  I gave Phyllis her travel documents since the travel company sent all that information to me as the owner of the account.  I told JoAnn that she would need to keep her passport in her purse and handy to show when required.  I pulled our passports out of my carry-on bag and before I handed hers to her I opened it up and found that what we had were our old expired passports which meant that our good up-to-date ones were back in Missouri. OOOPS No Spain Trip.  By the time we could get our passports from Missouri and then re-book our flights the tour in Spain would be half over and not really worth trying.

We decided that we would just drive back home, Phyllis will go back to work and cancel her vacation time saving it for another day.

Jo and I stopped a little West of Charleston, WV for a bite to eat and then drove a little further west to find a motel.  Tonight we are in a Best Western just a little bit east of the Kentucky line.  We will drive all the way to home tomorrow.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Now in Baltimore

We made it to Baltimore a little before 4 this afternoon.  Had a brief visit with Phyllis before our friend Tammy came by and we went out for a nice dinner.Tomorrow a little past lunch time we have a shuttle arranged to pick us up at Phyllis' house to get us and all our cases to the airport BWI.  Our departure is scheduled for 4 PM tomorrow afternoon and we will land in Madrid Spain at 9:30 Saturday Morning.  That is why there probably will not be a posting tomorrow as it will be a busy day of manipulating through airports and then getting settled in our hotel in Madrid.  I will post when I have a chance.

Our drive today was uneventful but different from yesterday as yesterday it was mainly through the flat lands of Illinois, Indiana, and eastern Kentucky.  Today was mostly up hill and down hill through the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maryland so our fuel economy didn't get better today as it did yesterday.  At least the average reading has stayed the same so apparently we had an equal amount of ups and downs.

This is what we found in Phyllis' back yard shortly after our arrival.  This is part of the herd that resides in the woods not far from her yard.  We have seen urban deer in her yard before and she says she sees them often.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New venture

We left home this morning to begin our anniversary celebration venture.  We are driving to Baltimore where we will grab hold of Phyllis and take her with us on a 10 day bus tour of Spain and Portugal.

We have been closely watching hurricane Florence heading toward the mid Atlantic but the latest estimates show it turning a bit further south so shouldn't cause our Friday afternoon flight out of BWI to have any problems.

When we got up on I-70 heading toward St. Louis Jo said that "boy this highway is smooth."  I told her that she was now riding in a very nice Subaru and not in "The Beast", our truck with camper loaded.  In the truck with the camper all bumps are felt because it's like riding in a truck. ;-)  We are also noticing a big difference in the consumption of fuel.  In the truck our average mileage is around 9 to 10 mpg.  In the Subaru as we left home the computer was saying we were averaging 24.6 mpg with most of our trips just between home and town.  Now with the good highway miles tonight it reads as 26.0 mpg and I'm sure it will go a little bit higher as we continue this trip.

While on our bus tour we will have WiFi and also in our hotels so should be able to post to this blog daily and will when I can.