Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New venture

We left home this morning to begin our anniversary celebration venture.  We are driving to Baltimore where we will grab hold of Phyllis and take her with us on a 10 day bus tour of Spain and Portugal.

We have been closely watching hurricane Florence heading toward the mid Atlantic but the latest estimates show it turning a bit further south so shouldn't cause our Friday afternoon flight out of BWI to have any problems.

When we got up on I-70 heading toward St. Louis Jo said that "boy this highway is smooth."  I told her that she was now riding in a very nice Subaru and not in "The Beast", our truck with camper loaded.  In the truck with the camper all bumps are felt because it's like riding in a truck. ;-)  We are also noticing a big difference in the consumption of fuel.  In the truck our average mileage is around 9 to 10 mpg.  In the Subaru as we left home the computer was saying we were averaging 24.6 mpg with most of our trips just between home and town.  Now with the good highway miles tonight it reads as 26.0 mpg and I'm sure it will go a little bit higher as we continue this trip.

While on our bus tour we will have WiFi and also in our hotels so should be able to post to this blog daily and will when I can.

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