Saturday, July 29, 2017


We have been quite lucky in the process of selling Wilma's house. Within a week of the listing we had an offer that was below our asking price.  We made a counter offer that was somewhere in between and our counter offer was accepted with earnest money deposited.  Closing date has been set for August 10 so fortunately this is moving very fast which is good.

Wilma has adjusted to her new situation and seems quite happy, this helps JoAnn by knowing that her sister is not upset with her new living situation.

After canceling our July camper travel plans our next scheduled trip was going to be in September.  Now, since we have a final date for dealing with the house in Springfield we have made reservations for a COE campground on Coralville Lake near Iowa City, IA.  This outing is for the week following the closing and will give us a bit of relaxing time after all the stress of the past few weeks.

The trip postings will begin on Sunday August 13 as we make the short drive northward.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 13, 2017


We were able to find a very good Alzheimer's care facility near us and our sister/sister-in-law is doing quite well.  She seems to be adjusting to her new surroundings.

In the meantime JoAnn and I have been working on clearing out her house in Springfield so it can be put on the market.  We were extremely fortunate to find a couple that have cleared out estates in the past and were willing to help us.  He is 83 and she is 81 but both with lots of energy.  They had some family members help them, a daughter and two grandsons.  The things were all sorted so anything that had any value in an auction was taken to a sale barn for a future sale.  All else that was definitely trash went straight to the local landfill.  He himself was an auctioneer with his own sale barn in Kansas in the past.  Jo and I worked with them to collect and load two days worth of sale stuff and the last day of loads to the landfill.

The house is now empty and will soon be on the real estate listing for hopefully a quick sale.  The house is old, built in the 1920s on a double corner lot.  It has a double detached garage that was built in the mid 70s which adds we hope to the sale ability.

Because of this interruption in plans we had to cancel our camper travel plans for July.  That perhaps was a blessing as our trip was heading to the southwest.  Since that area is having triple digit temperatures and fires we will have to do that again in hopefully cooler weather.  If things calm down a bit we may plan a short trip with the camper next month but if not our next scheduled long trip is in September heading toward Acadia NP in Maine with the return route through Canada.