Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back at the roost

The wandering Martins are back in their roosting grounds at the ol' Martin Manor.  We got home a little before lunch time so got all backed in and settled before we had a bite of lunch.

We are home now until June 11 when we head out on our next adventure.  In the meantime we hope that our new kitchen can be completed before we head out again.  We will post here when there are any new items or progress to show in pictures.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Nice day

It has been a very nice day with a short drive from Little Rock to Ozark and then met up with sisters Vena and Wilma for a trip to the cemeteries.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Little Rock

It was a relative short drive today but that is just the way we like it.  The original plan was to drive from Texarkana, TX to Ozark, MO today but that was going to be at least a 7 hour drive so we broke it up to this short day and another short drive tomorrow.

We should get to Ozark a little before or right at noon time.  Our sister Vena arrives around 1:00 and we plan to then drive to Humansville to visit the cemetery as well as Green Lawn in Springfield.  We will take Wilma with us also, especially to visit Green Lawn.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

back on the move heading homeward

When we arrived our welcoming committee was the deer herd which was very nice.  After a few days of very little movement by either Jo or myself, this morning these folks showed up to let us know that we needed to show some movement/life or they would swoop in.

There was a flock of 15-20 of these turkey buzzards that hopped through the campground this morning picking up crumbs under the picnic tables.

This evening we are in Texarkana, TX and Arkansas is just a stones throw away.  Tomorrow will be a short drive to Little Rock and then on to Springfield.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

serious BBQ

This afternoon our neighbor in the park fired off his smoker and this picture shows just how serious he really is.  There's room in that thing for two whole hogs but don't know what he has intentions to do this evening.  If it is brisket which is Texan for BBQ he could be going to smoke it all night long.  He has a pickup bed full of split hickory (it looks like).  When they came in yesterday there was one pickup pulling the RV and another pulling this smoker plus a car full of grand kids, three.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Enjoying the quiet ...

... but missing our deer. ;-(  We haven't seen any since the last report.  We still try to keep our eyes searching and hoping for more sightings.  Without the deer to report on there hasn't been much else of noteworthy news.  We are enjoying the quiet and no-hassle time with some good temperatures.  It has mostly been in the mid to upper 60s at night and upper 80s in the afternoon.  It has been a bit breezy with winds 15-25 mph and gusts to 30.

Watching tonight's evening news we are reminded that one year ago today we were in a campground in the southeast corner of Oklahoma City when the big tornado destroyed Moore, OK.  The local newscasters that afternoon were showing the projected path and we were directly ahead of that prediction.  We jumped into the truck and drove to a point that we felt was out of that path, which was true.  We listened to the radio discussion of the storms path of destruction and when the word came that the twister had lifted it was just a few miles from our campsite.  From today's news broadcast we see that the town of Moore is rebuilding but it will be a long time before they can get back to something normal.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

just chill'n

The campground has been a bit more active this weekend with the local or near-local folks coming for the weekend of fishing and relaxing.  No deer sightings this morning but then I didn't get up until almost 6:30 so they may have already gone by or they may have changed their routine due to the additional campers in the area.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

enjoying our time here

The original plan was to just relax and enjoy the quiet time in this nice campground.  So far we are according to plan.

Yesterday was a shopping trip into Temple and Belton.  The RV supply store didn't have the light bulbs that we need so will have to go back next week for that.  We did stop at a boot store and I was able to replace a pair of mine that were worn out.  Then it was on to Wall-Mart for some groceries and a few other things.  At home we don't go to Wall-Mart because we have other stores that we like better but while on the road we know we can find what we are looking for there.

I almost missed our deer herd this morning.  I turned to look out the windows this morning a little before 7:00 and saw the last four walk off into the distance.

Before we left home I had made all of the reservations needed for a trip in June.  Today I finished up the same for July.  Our travels continue.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Dear deer

We were disappointed yesterday evening when our deer herd didn't show up just before sundown.

BUT, they did come back this morning around 7ish.  There were 7-8 just wandering along and grazing in our front and back yard right up to the trailer.  A little farther away was a doe and a newborn fawn.  It couldn't have been too old as it was the smallest that I have ever seen in the wild.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our campsite

These were taken just a few minutes ago.

The view from our front door
a couple of the lake, apparently low water level

our campsite from our covered table

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

this evenings guests

Right after we had our supper we saw a herd of deer in our front yard.  At one time we counted 8 and some walked around our campsite and I took these pics with my phone through our dining room window so not real great.

Now set for several days

Today we made it to Belton Lake and the Cedar Ridge COE campground near Temple, TX.  We will be here for the next ten days.  We don't have big plans for excursions around this area but may see what we can find.  The main goal for this trip is just to relax and enjoy.

It rained most of last night but by 9:00 this morning it was down to just a light shower.  We had to wait until 9:00 in order to get a propane bottle filled but it was just as well with the rain that eased up around that time.  To do the hitching and unhooking for departure I didn't make Jo use the yellow rain suit but instead I just put on a light jacket and was fine.  On our drive by 10:00 I was able to turn off the windshield wipers and a little later we had more sunshine than clouds.

We are now all set up with both satellite and over-the-air TV, good water and electric connection.  I have a fast internet connection for my computer and a good signal for our cell phone.  We are good.

Stay tuned as pictures will follow.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A new to us route

Today's drive was from Alma, AR, near Fort Smith, to Shreveport, LA.

I thought we would be heading down US-71 all the way as we have traveled in the past.  Ms Navi took us around Fort Smith into Oklahoma and then south down US-259 to I-20 then back East to Shreveport.  She is programmed to take us on the quickest route and I believe that is what she did.  As I remember rte 71 is full of small towns with 35mph speed limits so probably take more time than the rte 259 which was mostly through rural and forested country with speed limit of 65 mph most of the way.  Except for some road construction before getting out of Fort Smith the rest of the trip was fairly good roadways and a nice drive.

We drove through light showers most of the way with wipers on intermittent but our GWF was on duty when we arrived at our campground and we were able to set up in the dry.

Tomorrow we head to Belton Lake near Temple, TX for a 10 day stay.

Monday, May 12, 2014

back rolling down the highway

We left the Martin Manor around 7:45 am this morning and are now in Alma, AR.  This is our 5th time in this KOA campground either on our way south or returning from the same direction.

Looking at weather.com to see what we might expect, a few days ago, they were forecasting 100% rain for our trip today and for tomorrow's trip when we head to Shreveport, LA.  We did get that 100% today as just after we turned south from Joplin we had six drops on the windshield.  After that our GWF took over and it was just cloudy, but hot.  It has taken about an hour to cool the trailer down to a comfortable level.

It has been a good feeling to be "on the road again."

Saturday, May 10, 2014

gradually getting re-established

Jo's gradually finding places to put things and get beck to a functioning kitchen.  With a functioning dishwasher, sink, range, and vent over the range it was nice today as we produced another of Jo's lunch time soup concoctions.  Jo tried out her new dishwasher for some of her cup collections that just needed the dust of years rinsed off.  It is so quiet that we didn't believe that it was working at first.  Actually, at first, it wasn't working because I needed to turn on the water inlet supply but then after that it was still so quiet it was amazing.

Our good contractor had a heavy cardboard covering over our hardwood floors to protect them from the construction activities and yesterday they removed that so we can see the good contrast of the floor color to the cabinet and counter-top color.

For lighting in the kitchen we have ordered a new chandelier for the center of the room and a new fixture for over the lunch counter.  Neither one has been received so the following pictures are what we are working with for now.  When we return from this trip those light fixtures should be here and after the back splash tile gets installed we can have a "welcome to our new kitchen" party, y'all come.

Until then we are off to Texas on Monday.

Our new kitchen from the doorway
and our current lighting fixtures

Friday, May 09, 2014

okay a bit more progress

Jo now has a sink that drains, yea!  A lot of finish trim is being installed today so all is looking good/better.  Also the door/drawer pulls are installed so that helps.  This might be the situation until we return at the end of the month.  It's good to have our kitchen back, most of it anyway.  After our trip the back splash tile will be installed and all the lighting hooked up to complete our project.

Our contractor, Aarow Building, has been just great to work with and accommodating to our wants and desires.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Yea! progress

Lots of activity today.  The counter tops were scheduled to be installed so our contractor sent one of his young men to be here and to do several items that could be finished.  The granite arrived a little after 8:00 and was finished/installed before 11:00, it is beautiful.  With the counter top came the stainless sink and the installation of our faucet.  We now have water in the kitchen but the drain connection will not be completed until tomorrow.  Jo can at least get water into a tub but will still have to take it to a toilet to empty.  We also now have a vent over the stove so that is good thing.  Tomorrow they plan to finish the drain plumbing under the sink and some trim around the toe-kick of our cabinets.  The back splash tile will be installed after we get back from this next trip that starts on Monday.

Here are a few pictures from today's progress.

the wine rack was added today

 The 60/40 SS sink and new faucet
our beautiful granite

In the wine rack  picture you will notice that one door is not attached to the upper cabinet.  These doors were supposed to get glass panels inserted in the maple frames but in reality the frames just blocked out too much of the display area on the shelves.  We are going to remove all of these upper doors and have some plate glass doors being made to replace them.  These upper cabinets will also get some led accent lighting installed to show off Jo's glassware on display.  There will also be some led lighting under the cabinets to light the counter space.

Check back Monday the  12th for some information about our next RV adventure.