Thursday, November 01, 2018

Back in Martin Manor

Pulled in right at noon time today.  We used windshield wipers on intermittent all the way.  It was raining quite hard with strong gusts of wind when I got up this morning but a little later it eased off and a check of showed that while not totally clear there was a calm break in the action so I pulled Jo's toes and said lets take advantage of this break in the weather.  We were able to dump our holding tanks and put away all hoses, get the inside all buckled up for travel and were on the road around 9 am.

Even with the heavy cloud cover and no direct sunlight there were some really good tree color sightings on the way home.  Here is the beauty that was waiting for us at home.  The one picture was taken the day we left and the other on our return, today.

We set this maple out a few years ago and I am so happy for this color as it reminds me of the maples in front to the E. Loren house.

That's it for our travels with the camper for 2018.  Now I will winterize the plumbing, unload all freezable items, and close the camper up until spring.