Tuesday, May 22, 2018

US Hwy 50 day four

Today's trip brought us back to the Martin Manor RV park where we will rest up for a couple of weeks, restock the pantry and closets.  On June 8 we will resume the Hwy 50 trek and head west which will take us 6 more days to reach the Pacific Ocean.  This is day 4 and at the end of day 10 we will be taking pictures of the Pacific.  Hwy 50 stops somewhere around Sacramento but we will continue to the waters edge.

This project has been quite interesting as except for the route through Missouri we are totally unfamiliar of this route and never know what to expect around the next curve or over the next hill.  Today through the Illinois farming communities we encountered several farm implements on the roadway traveling at 15-20 mph and long stretches of no-passing zones.

Going through St. Louis was interesting and not where I thought Rte 50 would be marked.  I had to turn off Ms Navi and follow MoDOT signing.  It was a bit confusing for awhile but then it all came together and we were on our way.

We have now completed 1098 miles of the total 3121 miles.

This is our day four route

and this is the combined days 1-4

Monday, May 21, 2018


We have picked up a hitchhiker.  Yesterday we had a tree frog chirping somewhere close to our camper.  Apparently he/she has bummed a ride as we now have the same chirping right along with us.  There is the space between the truck cab and the camper where we store some bins and bag-chairs.  I believe that he/she is in that area.  Right now we are having some light showers and our passenger is talking to us.  Not a problem as it is quite nice to have mother nature along with us.  He/she will find a new home in Missouri when we get back and unload.

US Hwy 50 day three

It was a very nice drive today, no showers until right after we got setup in our campground for the night and that was brief.

We got into the Cincinnati area a little before 10 which must have been a good time as we had very little traffic.  Here is our route through that metropolitan area right along the Ohio River.

Then it was continuing our drive westward into and across Indiana.  We are tonight right across the Wabash River from Illinois in the eastern time zone and we will gain an hour as soon as we cross the Wabash.

We have now completed 819 miles of the total 3121 miles.

This is our day three route
and this is the combined days 1-3

Sunday, May 20, 2018

day of rest

No driving today, just resting.  It's also a very nice day of sunshine without showers.  The current forecast is at 15% chance of precipitation between now and noon time tomorrow, I'll take the 85% chance of none.  Also by noontime we will be past Cincinnati and into Indiana.  Our destination tomorrow is near Vincennes, IN and the campground is the Ouabache Trails.  Ouabache is an old spelling of Wabash as that river is right there forming the border between Indiana and Illinois.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

US Hwy 50 day two

Left Romney, WV around 8:30 this morning and continued our trek following US-50.  Our GWF was doing all she could and held the rain to only a sprinkle while we were getting ready to travel.  Off and on all day we drove through showers and an occasional downpour.  We also had a few hours of driving on dry pavement with the sun shining.

West Virginia Rte 50 today was mostly two lane, rural, mountain roadways.  Lots of 15 mph to 30 mph switchbacks and not a lot of straight roadways.  There were a lot of up over mountains with steep downgrades including those switchbacks which required the Beast's decent assist to keep the brakes cool.

We crossed into Ohio a little after noon and not as many mountain roadways but instead a few four lane divided roadways.  Arrived at our campground, Paint Creek State Park, around 3:30 this afternoon.  Because it is a weekend they required a two night reservation so we will have a day of rest tomorrow before resuming out trek on Monday.

We now have completed 558 miles of the total 3121 miles.

This is today's (day two) route
believe me it wasn't as straight as it looks
 and this is the combined day one plus day two

Friday, May 18, 2018

US Hwy 50 day one

Today was a long day, hours that is not miles.  We left Ocean City, MD at the east end of US-50 about 8:30 am and 260 miles later it was 4:30 when we checked into the campground.  There was heavy traffic through DC (DUH) and a lot of stopped backups at lights. There were a few small cars tried to run over us and a taxi or two that believed that they owned the street.  With our LARGE vehicle I was able to make one cab driver back up to give me some room to make my turn.

Our GWF was with us all day.  She did her best this morning after a full night of heavy rain it slacked off to just a sprinkle while I was getting the camper ready to roll.  Then when we stopped for lunch again it was just a sprinkle.  When we arrived at our campsite for tonight again there wasn't even a sprinkle.  However during the drive there were several areas of heavy downpour requiring the wipers to be on fast speed.

As for the first day of our US-50 trek we now have completed 260 miles of the total sea-to-sea length of 3121 miles.  Here is the first sign in downtown Ocean City, MD.
And our path through downtown Washington DC alongside the Washington Mall
almost from the Capital Bldg to Lincoln's memorial as seen in this picture.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sea to shining Sea

Tomorrow begins our trek to cross the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific following US Hwy 50.  If there was a belt put around the waist of the lower 48 States it would look like this.

The East end of Hwy 50 is in the center of Ocean City, MD at the X, just a few yards from the beach

and tomorrows route will look like this.

Good afternoon

We got out at noon time and went for a fresh seafood lunch, very good.  Then we drove through some more of this island seashore park looking for some of the horses.  We only saw two or three at one spot, off to the side where there were several cars parked on the shoulder of the road to watch them.  There was no place for us to stop but I believe that at least two of them were the same ones that I took pictures of this morning.

I took a walk this morning to try and get a picture of some of the ponies and here is what I found.

When we got back to our campground I stopped at the office and found a site in the electric loop that we could swap for and so tonight we have electric hookups and don't have to worry about the capacity of our batteries or the fact that clouds and fog don't let our solar panel work it's magic.

Tomorrow morning we have an early departure to begin our US Hwy 50 trek.

Good Morning

Our GWF (good weather fairy) was on the job yesterday as we were packing up and stopped the rain long enough for us to load the camper and dump our tanks before it started up again.  Then when we arrived at the beach she cleared up long enough to get all set up at our site.  Maybe she could have had the fog to go away but perhaps that's asking too much.  This morning the skies are cloudy but the fog has lifted and I went our for a few pictures.  Haven't seen any ponies yet but their tracks are all around in the sand.

 a brave paddle boarder out riding the waves

 from atop the dune between us and d'ocean

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

down at d'ocean

Left our campground near Phyllis a little before noon this morning.  Had to load the camper on the truck and then dump our holding tanks and then headed southeast toward Assateague Island State Park.  We have two nights here before beginning our trek west on US 50.

This afternoon there is a heavy fog over the campground so not good for taking pictures.  Hopefully tomorrow will clear up and we can take a few.  Also need to get a picture or two of the wild ponies.  Our campsite is just behind a sand dune from the Atlantic beach.  At this campground we do not have electric hookups so no AC or microwave, otherwise everything else works off of our batteries including our TV which has a bunch of channels and only one of them is a network channel, ABC.