Friday, June 14, 2019

Now in the Baltimore area

Made it to our motel around 4 o'clock this afternoon.  The drive over the past two days was fairly uneventful.  Yesterday we made it to Morehead, KY where we had a very nice dinner at Reno's Roadhouse before checking into the Best Western.  For the total trip of approx 1000 miles Lexington, KY is close to half way and I like to make it past that point so our following morning start doesn't have the Lexington morning rush time traffic to contend with.  On the return trip we have plans to stop just on the west side of Lexington in Frankfort, KY.

Our motel here in Catonsville is a Holiday Inn Express which is very nice.  We called Phyllis when we arrived and she came over to our room for a visit before we all went out for dinner.  Tomorrow we will go to her house and have the whole day to enjoy her company.

One big difference from making this trip with the camper vs the car is the fuel mileage.  Yesterday's drive through Illinois, Indiana, and mid-Kentucky was the first tank full for this trip and our actual hand calculated miles per gallon was 29.2, wow, the best economy I have ever received from any of our vehicles.  Much better that the 9-10 mpg that we would get with the truck and camper.  Today's fuel economy was not as good as yesterday because of the mountains in western Kentucky, West Virginia, and western Maryland.  Still today's tank full was with a calculated rate of 25.9.  Our average around home, city driving, is a 23.5 mpg.

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