Saturday, June 15, 2019

our grandkits

Had a very nice day with Phyllis and her two kitties, our grandkits.
This is the eldest Rosie
 and this is Ouisa the youngest
 Ouisa in the cat tree
The two are not pals so this is a standoff where right after this pic was taken there was an abrupt parting of the ways.  They put up with each other.

We had the grand tour of how Phyllis has improved her home arrangement of rooms and new wall decorations.  She has had the help of a good friend Toni to make the improvements happen.  Toni is planning to fix dinner for us tomorrow and we will get a chance to visit with her and her daughter Bella (our adopted granddaughter) for a little while.  Granddaughter Bella will have her 8th birthday in a few weeks so we will celebrate that with her tomorrow.

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