Sunday, June 17, 2018

Goodbye California

Now on our way back to mid-Missouri with a detour up into Idaho to visit our sister.  Today we made it to Verdi, NV which is only 4 miles East of the Cali border.

Quite a difference in the weather today.  It never was real hot but as we climbed the mountains (as we went up) toward Truckee the cars outside temp gauge kept going down.  When we stopped at the Donner Pass Summit rest area at 7200 feet it was 50 degrees just a little past lunch time.  The parking lot was near full so it was a long hike without a jacket to the restroom.

Our original plan was to stay in the Donner Memorial State Park tonight which is a state park without hookups.  Since it is forecast to be very cool tonight we passed that up and a few miles further in Verdi, NV we are in a KOA with full hookups so our electric heater will be free heat vs using our furnace on propane.  Also in the morning I will be able to use the electric teakettle to heat water for my french press coffee maker and not have to use the stove on propane.

Our GWF is taking care of us.  The forecast for this area was for an 80% chance of showers.  When we arrived the skies were overcast but nothing falling.  It waited until we were totally setup and right now it is a nice light shower and in the camper the pitter patter will lull us to sleep tonight.

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