Tuesday, June 12, 2018

US Hwy 50 day eight

Today's scenery was divided into three distinct phases.  The first third was very blah with just bare ground or some mesquite and sage brush.  The second third was striking as we came through some rock formations that Utah is noted for and here are a couple of pictures from an overlook pull-out.

Then the third section was back to almost blah except that there were some ranches with cattle, dairy herds, and hay producing field that have been irrigated to promote growth and production.

As we pulled into the driveway of our campground for tonight we crossed the time line and are now in Pacific time zone.  The business here advertises "sleep in Utah, play in Nevada" as their motel rooms are on the east side of the property and the gas station, casino, and rv park are on the west side.

Here is our camper setup for the night and that is snow on the peak right behind our camper.  With normal eyesight it shows up bright white but the camera just didn't catch the contrast.

We have now completed 2502 of the total 3131 miles

This is our day eight route 370 miles

and this is the combined days 1-8

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