Saturday, June 09, 2018

today's flood

No not the result of 40 days and 40 nights but just a half day.  Around noon time when we stopped for both fuel and food as I got out to fuel up there was water rushing out of the bottom of our camper and I could hear the water pump working to pump out more of our fresh water tank.  I got inside and turned off the pump to prevent any more but the floor of our camper was flooded.  After fueling up we pulled to a parking space and opened up all three slide-outs so we could get in to assess what happened.

We started from home with a full fresh water tank and during traveling I hadn't been turning off the water pump as it had not been a problem before, live and learn.  It seems that my rain coat that was needed for several days of the previous trip had been left in the shower just as a place for it to drain.  Jo had picked it up and hung if from the shower faucets which turn down to turn on.  Apparently some of the bumps of this mornings travels added some weight to that force downward on the faucets and turned the shower on.  Also as luck would have it the shower drain was pushed down and as a result the tub base was filled to overflowing.

We pulled the plug to drain the tub so now I need to empty the grey water holding tank.  We turned off the water pump so no more would be pumped out of the fresh water tank and turned on the exhaust fan to assist in drying things out while we made the rest of today's trip.  At today's outside temperatures (103) and with the air circulating things were almost dried out when we stopped at our campground for this evening.  Monday we will have a day of not traveling so I will dump the grey tank and top off our fresh water tank and we should be as good as new for the remainder of this trip.

Just another oops!

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