Monday, June 18, 2018

good news - bad news

First the bad news.  Yesterday while flossing, as my dentist has told me to do, one of my crowns popped off of a molar.  Today we are heading to Winnemucca, NV with a day of rest tomorrow so I Google located a dentist there thinking I should be able to get it cemented back on.  The first dentist I called apparently is not in business anymore because a Verizon agent answered the call to say that the telephone number had been discontinued.  The next dentist that I called had a voice mail answering message to say that they are open only Tue through Friday, bummer.

Just for grins I checked for a dentist in Reno as we are only about 10 miles from there and that is the good news.  I now have an appointment in West Reno at 11:00 this morning to get my tooth problem fixed.

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