Wednesday, June 27, 2018

a slight detour

The planned route is down I-29 to St. Joseph and then US-36 east to Macon.  I now plan a slight detour and take I-229 into downtown St. Joseph and connect with US-36 there.  My reasoning is that will take us over one of my designed bridges.  It is the curved flyover ramp from I-229 southbound to US 36 eastbound.  If I don't post tomorrow evening then you will know that it fell down with us on it.

I also did the coordinating geometry for this whole interchange so all the other structures would tie in properly.  There were several other designers working on other bridges and all used my geometry calculations.

There are many bridges in the state that I designed but this is one of only two that I know/remember where they are.  The other one that I know of is one of the US-65 bridges over lake Taneycomo in Branson.  When it was built it carried both north and southbound traffic but since then there has been a parallel bridge built so the traffic is divided.  I would imagine that they would have used my same design on the second bridge.

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