Monday, June 11, 2018

a day of rest

The past three days of driving have been nice but it is good to have a day of not watching traffic, not bouncing over the rough patched roadways, and just being a bit lazy before we get back on the road.

It has been a beautiful day here in Grand Junction, CO starting with a very cool morning in the low 50s.  I got out mid morning and drained our holding tanks to get rid of the flood water that went down the shower drain.  Also refilled the fresh water tank so that should hold us the remainder of this trip.  We had windows open for nice fresh air up until a little before lunch time when we closed up and let the AC take care of the afternoon temps.

Tomorrow we get back on Hwy 50 and head through Utah with our stop tomorrow night right on the Utah/Nevada border.  In fact the campground is "The Border Inn" Casino and RV Park.

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