Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Breathing Missouri air

Tonight we are in Big Lake State Park near Mound City, MO just a little north of St. Joseph.  It is several miles off of I-29 on narrow local roads but it will be quiet without the heavy traffic noise of the interstate.

Half of yesterday and most of today's travels were through Nebraska.  No snow capped mountains, no unusual rock formations, just not much to break the monotony.  The only break in the views is the Arch Monument in Kearney and sometimes as we drive along the Platte River we might see a deer which we did this morning.  I kept thinking about the story of Gen. Custer.

General Custer gathered his troops and told them he had some good news and some bad news.  The bad news was that they were surrounded by thousands of savages and were probably all going to die.  The good news was that they wouldn't have to go back across Nebraska.

When we crossed the Missouri River near Nebraska City as we entered Iowa we could see that the river was out of its banks quite a bit.  Since our campground for tonight is in the MO River floodplain I kept my fingers crossed but looks like we will be high and dry for tonight.

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