Friday, June 08, 2018

US Hwy 50 day five

After a brief rest stop to do laundry and restock the pantry, we got back on Hwy 50 this morning right where we left it on May 22nd.  Continuing our trek West toward the Pacific Ocean coastline we are tonight half way in the count of days, 5th of 10.

We did have a detour around the KC area due to major highway reconstruction.  Our detour took us from hwy 50 and put us on hwy 150 so we can say (if you ignore the 1 in the front) we were still on hwy 50.  The detour was more direct and much less traffic congestion.

Our campground tonight is on the Kansas State Fairgrounds.  The campground is huge and all sites are full hookups with Electric, Water, and Sewer connections at $30/night.  the sites are relatively level but not a tree in sight so we sit here in full sun and outside temperatures in the low to mid 90s.  Our AC has been working hard since we turned it on and we now have 85 degrees inside.  It should be comfortable by bedtime.

We have now completed 1457 of the total 3131 miles.

This is our day five route 345 miles

and this is the combined days 1-5

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