Thursday, June 28, 2018

It didn't fall down

My bridge was still there and didn't fall down with us crossing it. 😊

Then after lunch we crossed another bridge that I designed and couldn't think of with yesterday's post.  It is just south of Columbia, MO on the southbound lane of US-63.  It is the first small stream crossing just south of the TV station and tower,  The structure type was a concept idea by a University of Missouri Professor and was supposed to be more economical to construct than other types of designs.  This was the very first one of it's kind and there are three more somewhere in the State.  The problem was that our contractors didn't think it was easier or more economical to construct so we stopped designing that type of structure.

Made it back to the Martin Manor early this afternoon and now the laundry and restocking begins as our next outing is on schedule to begin on July 11 when we plan to follow the Mississippi northward to it's origin.

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