Tuesday, March 13, 2018


We got out yesterday into Biloxi for lunch.  We had two reasons for coming down to this part of the Gulf and they were warmer temperatures and fresh seafood.  The warmer temperatures we have already established that those were found and now I can tell you that we have a start on reason number two.  I say a start because I'm sure there will be other meals out.  This area is loaded with seafood restaurants and several we have already tried in previous visits.  Shaggy's has two locations along this beach and we have previously been to both so that is where we headed yesterday based on our previous experiences.

We both had fried oyster po-boys and then I had half of Jo's for supper last night, Yum.

One attraction in this area that we have already visited might be a little bit non-politically correct in today's climate of unrest over civil war monuments.  That is Beauvoir House which was the home of Jefferson Davis after the Civil War.  In our travels throughout the south we have toured several plantation homes and they are all interesting.  This was another interesting plantation style home tour and history lesson.

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