Friday, March 09, 2018

Day 2, bad news --- good news

Twas a nice drive today except for traffic into and through Memphis.  After we cleared the metro area things smoothed out and it was a nice drive.  Yesterday in Arkansas we began to see daffodils, a sure sign of spring.  Today through and south of Memphis we saw lots of decorative pear trees in full bloom and as we got a bit further into Mississippi we began to see red bud trees staring to bloom, Jo is happy to see these signs of spring weather.

Now the bad news before we get to the good news.  I use google earth to search campgrounds for specific sites to reserve.  Sometimes the tree cover is so dense that I can't see any specific sight.  For tonight's site it was totally in the open and looked good.  There wasn't an attendant at the gate house so we just drove to our site and began to set up.  The site had more of a slope than was good for us and made it hard to get into and out of our entrance door but we were going to make it work.  Then I began to connect our power cord only to find the provided power box was a distance away between our site and close to the next site over.  I do carry a 30' extension cord along with our 30'  camper cord.  They wouldn't reach by 5' - 10'.  We paid for a water and electric site so didn't want to go the next two days here without.

We drove to the closest visitors center and ask about moving our reservation to another site that would work.  We were given permission to move to any site that didn't have a reservation marked on the site post.  We find out later that he was talking about a different campground than the one we were in.  Based on his recommendation we returned to our campground and moved to a good sight that we could fit in and our power cord would reach.

Now the good news.  As I was completing our setup connections a campground representative was driving by and stopped to check on who was occupying an unreserved site.  I walked out and visited with her and told our story.  She told me that the ranger at the visitors center where I had previously contacted was not connected with this campground in any way and had no authority to reassign any campsite.  She was nice enough to call her office and verify that this campsite was in fact available and authorized us to make the move so that was good news.  We are settled for the next two nights in a nice campsite, legally.

Here are a couple of campsite pictures.

 Our back yard, with our pet pelican

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