Monday, March 05, 2018

about ready

We now have the camper almost stocked except for last minute food items.  We need to do some grocery shopping for fresh veggies, fruit, and lunch time snacks.

We will need to turn the furnace on tomorrow night and Wednesday night to keep the pipes that are now full of fresh water from freezing.  Those two nights are predicted to be in the mid 20s.  I will set the thermostat to a low temp just to keep things above 32 degrees.  After that we should be well above freezing for the rest of the trip and our small electric heater should keep us comfortable.

Today I refreshed the guide marks on our truck bed.  I put white duct tape on this location last year to help guide my backing under the camper.  This is the exact location for the base of the camper to align correctly but last years tape had become soiled and shifted therefore the need to refresh.

These marks along with the backup camera that is located just above the center of the back cab window helps align the camper when loading.

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