Sunday, March 11, 2018

Eureka we have found it

In our search for SPRING we have been successful.  Got word today that it was snowing back home, so glad we moved out.  Our trip today was in the 60s and shirt sleeve weather.

Thursday as we entered into Arkansas we began to see daffodils, an early sign of spring.  As we passed through Memphis there were ornamental pear trees blooming and south of Memphis we saw red bud trees beginning to bloom.  Now today as we got further south in Mississippi the red buds were in full bloom along with beautiful wisteria hanging in some trees.  Then a few azaleas in bloom and occasionally a dog wood.  Now here in Ocean Springs, MS right on the Gulf, the azaleas are in full bloom and plentiful.

We have found SPRING! 😎

We are going to enjoy this for the next week and then take 5 days to return home so hopefully Mother Nature will have caused spring to happen back at the Manor by then.

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