Sunday, March 04, 2018

Running in circles

Started getting ready for a Thursday departure on our (seems to be annual first) outing southward to the Gulf.of Mexico.  First thing is to flush out the pink antifreeze in the plumbing so we can load the fresh water tank.  I usually put all our hoses together connected to our water filter that I remove the filter and fill the canister with bleach.  That way I fill the fresh water tank with high chlorine concentration in order to sanitize the tank while the chlorine solution also sanitizes the hoses.  Then came the oops!

Seems the only item I failed to winterize was the filter which always stays with some water from last usage.  Yes it froze and burst some time during the winter so I was off to town for a replacement.  First stop Lowe's, sure to find it there, but while they had some similar filters they were more designed for whole house plumbing and I didn't think I could make them work.  Passed right on by Walmart, keeping that as a last resort, my next stop was Ace Hardware.  Took one home that I thought would work but found that the pipe size for the connection was too small for my fittings.  That caused another trip to town for a reducer fitting to make it work and that wasn't available so okay off to Walmart.

Found one that I thought would work but when I tried to match it with my connections that one needed a larger connection than I had.  In all my confusion I had forgotten what I had found at Lowe's so went back there to look and realized that they didn't have anything I could use.  Returned to Walmart to return that unit and went back to Ace Hardware and bought a different one from before.  That one still didn't work so I give up for this trip.

Most of our campgrounds for this next trip are electric only connections so we will be using our own water which is a tank full of Holts Summit, Callaway County water district number 1, water that we are used to so this trip will just not be using filtered water.

Now to get the freezable items back in and normal closet and pantry items loaded.

Still excited to get back on the road again.

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