Thursday, July 12, 2018

What the internet can do

Along today's drive as we passed a large semi truck a rock apparently flew from it's tires and chipped a star in our windshield just below and to the left of my drivers field of view.

I did a search for mobile glass repair along tomorrows route and found a "Safelight" facility in La Crosse, WI right along our planned route.  If we get it repaired quickly the likelihood of it spreading and causing a complete windshield replacement is prevented.

On line, I made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon for the repair and also filed a claim with our insurance so there will be no charge to us for this repair.  Because the appointment is a bit later in the afternoon than our original schedule we will have a bit later departure in the morning, Jo says, not a problem.

I have already put the coordinates for the shop in Ms Navi's database so she will stop us at the correct location.  Now I can sleep better tonight.

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