Friday, July 13, 2018

Slight change in plans

It was a very scenic route today.  Some of the route in Iowa got away from the river and was up on some high mountain ridge tops where we had vistas overlooking large valleys with big barns spotting across the view and huge fields of corn.  I didn't expect that in Iowa.  Then we crossed the Mississippi at Prairie Du Chien and got back to following the river bank up through that part of Wisconsin.

From a overlook site while still on the Iowa side of the river

When we got to La Crosse, WI we stopped in the Safelight Autoglass shop and had the windshield damage repaired.  The technician warned me that it might be a bit too much for a repair but he would try before a replacement was needed.  It took about 30 minutes and he declared that the operation was a success and the patient would survive, "the beast" was back in business.  Our windshield now looks like new, it couldn't have worked out better.

We then headed to our scheduled campground for tonight and tomorrow night.  It was a MN State Park just a few miles NW of La Crosse.  We checked into the office and drove to our campsite which was deeply embedded in a heavy forested area.  We then discovered that there weren't any hookups so we were going to have to live off of our propane and batteries for two days without television, microwave, internet, or air conditioner.  The good news is that the weather forecast was for highs in the 80s which is right where it was at that time.  We got setup, opened all windows, opened the door leaving only the screen door, but it was still hot and muggy inside.  With all the trees and underbrush there wasn't any breeze and it just wasn't going to be comfortable for two OLD folks.

Using my cell phone I found a KOA about 40 miles west of there and not really that far off of our planned trip forward.  We are now setup in that KOA with full hookups including cable TV however not many channels on that.  Having AC, internet, and water will make our layover rest day tomorrow much more comfortable for these two OLD folks.

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