Thursday, July 12, 2018

Corn Country

Today's travels have mostly been in Iowa, tonight we are near Bellevue, IA between Davenport and Dubuque right on the banks of the Mississippi.  The campground is named Spruce Creek Campground and our campsite is backed up to the banks of that creek.  The water in that creek at this location must be just backup from the river as there isn't any noticeable flow.  Leaves on the surface seem to not be moving toward the river.  Anyway this is a real nice County park campground with electric connection to run the AC and we are right under the shade of some large trees.  There isn't any television signal and my AT&T internet connection is iffy but the campground wifi is working just fine.  Here are a few pictures of this campsite.

Our site with the creek right behind us
 Spruce Creek from our site toward the river
 a footbridge over Spruce Creek to the river
 The marina harbor with the river in the background

As to the corn country comment we definitely are there.  Farm fields that we have passed today are probably 80% to 90% corn.  Once in awhile there might be a bean crop but corn is the king here.

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