Thursday, July 19, 2018

The rains came

We had plans to dump our holding tanks this morning at the dump station before going on the road.  As we pulled out, there were five RVs waiting in line for that opportunity so we just drove on down the road.  The weather forecast for out destination this evening was for a 100% chance of rain and dumping there was an iffy question without my rain suit.  Not long after we were on the road it was necessary to turn on the wipers, some times with interval settings and some times at full speed and that was the norm all day.

We even just had a protein bar in the truck for lunch while driving as we didn't want to stop and get out to the camper while raining.

We did have a fuel stop and our GWF was taking care of us at that time with only some light sprinkles and the fuel station had overhead protection.  When we made it to our campground the rains had moved on eastward and with the ground wet the skies were dry and we were able to use the dump station here on our way to our campsite.

It's a very nice 72 degrees outside right now and we are enjoying the fresh air with all windows open and the AC off.

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