Monday, July 16, 2018

Land of 10,000 Lakes

We have moved now from the corn fields of southern MN into the Paul Bunyan timber.  I have been told that Thursday of this week will be Paul Bunyan Day so we are right on time except that is the day we plan to leave this area and head back south.

Our route today was a little longer than usual for us because the river doesn't flow in a straight line.  We even crossed the river three or four times and the bridges kept getting shorter each time.  The last crossing was just before we entered the park for our stay here and it was little more than a pipe culvert.  The state park is nice with lots of shade trees and the undergrowth cleared out so the breezes can flow.  At least this time we have 50 amp electric service which is good.  No water hookup but our fresh water tank is over 3/4 full so we are okay.

We have two days here to explore and that will probably include a trip back to Bemidji for a nice lunch and a picture of Paul and his blue Ox Babe.  We also must visit the origin of the Great River for another picture opportunity.  We have been here on another trip some time ago but it would take hours to search all our photos to find the pics we took then.  I should have set up a better file identification system.

We have been wishing for cooler weather than what we left and I believe we have found it.  Sometime during the night last night I was pulling up extra covers.  We had gone to bed with only a sheet and what I call a sheet blanket, just a heavier sheet.  We had a coverlet quilt thrown to the foot of the bed that I pulled up.  Tonight the forecast is for a low of 49 degrees here so I think it might be wise to plug in our electric heater on low.

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