Sunday, October 28, 2018

Travel day

Moved a few miles from Sam A Baker SP to Johnson's Shut-Ins SP.  We made a long drive out of the move by needing a grocery store for a few items.  We found a major business center in the edge of Farmington, MO which satisfied our needs.  I had also found that there was another Dexter BBQ in that same area and had my mouth all set on another plate of ribs.  When we got there we found that they were not open on Sundays so we crossed the street to an Applebee's which was a good lunch stop.

The drive today was the best for tree color viewing.  It won't last long now as this morning we had a pitter patter on our roof which wasn't rain but instead falling leaves.  It was a bit windy today and the leave were blowing around.

Obviously, by this post, we do have an internet connection here in the park which I was worried that we might not.  We do not have a single bar of cellphone signal so our only communication until we leave here is by computer.

The campground here is about a mile and a half from the actual shut-ins area so it will be a longer than usual walk for us at least one of the days we are here.  By not unloading our camper from the truck we would have to buckle everything up like for travel in order to take the truck to the shut-ins.  We have been to the shut-ins several times and that isn't the reason we are here but it would be a shame to be this close and not see them at all.

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