Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Elephant Rocks

Yesterday afternoon we visited this State Park near the town appropriately named Granite, MO.  It is only 15 miles north of our campsite and it was another beautiful day in the Saint Francis Mountains of MO.  Our goal of seeing fall tree color has been met as we are here in peak season.

The entrance to a braille trail through and around these huge boulders of granite
 beauty along the way

 on top of a massive boulder
 from the top, the horizon is far off
 "fat man's passage" yes we fit through it
 The quarry where stones were mined for buildings and streets in St. Louis.
The water supposedly 40 foot deep

On the way back to camp we stopped at a roadside pile of firewood for sale and got a large pile of kindling for a campfire.  We didn't have any marshmallows or hot dogs to roast but it was fun just to sit around the fire and remember the times we had with the kids and grandparents in past times.

 The wood was pine so it started easy but burned rather fast.
Oak or hickory would have lasted much longer but this met our needs for the day.

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