Friday, October 26, 2018

Sam A Baker day 2

It rained most of the night last night, not hard but steady.  The pitter-patter on the roof is not so bad with the roof just a couple of feet over our heads.  With our campsite right under some trees the raindrops that collected on the leaves and fell as BIG drops on our fiberglass dome over our shower made big popping noises. 😉

On this trip we have been taking walks around the campgrounds every day, a habit we hope to continue at home.  Today's temperature is staying in the low 50s which made today's walk very pleasant and our loop took us out for a little over a half hour.

This State Park is gearing up for some Halloween celebrations tomorrow evening but it mostly takes place at the headquarters which is about a mile and a half away from our camp and we don't intend to partake anyway, old fuddy-duddies that we are.  They are having a campsite decoration contest and one of the pictures below shows one such campsite.

This campsite is right across the road from us. A family with several kids having fun.
 This is our campsite showing all our decorations.
 This tree is right outside our door and I took this through our dinette window.  Apparently some critter is trying to make itself a winter den in the hollow core of this tree.

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