Saturday, October 27, 2018

Sam A Baker day 3

Here on a weekend the campground is mostly full.  When we came in on Wednesday our loop of 39 spaces only had one other unit beside ours.  Now they are all occupied.  There are two separate campgrounds in this State Park and we are in number one with a total of over 200 campsites.  Campground number two is about a mile north of us and has just under 200 sites.

On our walk this afternoon we had to be watchful of kiddos on bicycles, from teens down to just out of training wheels.  It is such a beautiful day, sunny and 65 degrees, that it is great for them to get their exercise.

This picture of Big Creek was taken at an equestrian picnic area along their riding trail.

We leave here tomorrow morning and head for Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park. It will be a surprise if we have any cellphone signal or internet connection for the four days that we will be there.  I hope we do have but if not this blog will not have a post until we get back home on the first of November.  I will catch up with the happenings in between, then.

On the drive tomorrow I have found another Dexter BBQ place so will have another chance to gnaw on a few bones. ;-)

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