Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day to all

It's been a good day here with Phyllis.  It stormed during the night last night but today has just been light sprinkles occasionally.  The forecast for the next several days here includes a 40% - 60% chance of rain so we might as well get used to it.

Since we had our "Mother's Day dinner" Friday evening we have just taken it easy today with no need to fight others for a reservation to dine with Mother.  I stopped at Popeye's on our way in to her house and took a sack of chicken and sides in for lunch time, it was good.  Phyllis said that she had tried them occasionally but this was our first time trying their version of chicken, will definitely do it again.

For our card game this afternoon Phyllis and I let her Mother win, it was her day.

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