Thursday, May 10, 2018

Day two

Through Kentucky and into West Virginia, tonight we are in Flatwoods, WV.  We stopped here last year on our trip to visit Phyllis and then to travel down the Blue Ridge Parkway.  On that trip we stayed at a COE campground on a lake near here but the road from the highway to the campground was twisty and hilly and about 15-20 minutes out of the way which then had to be retraced the next morning.  It was a nice campground but we decided that this trip we would take the much closer KOA campground which is good for a one night stop.  No picture tonight because if you have seen one commercial campground you have seen what most look like.

Today's drive was only 36 miles longer than yesterday but it seemed much, much longer.  We had a long stretch of road construction that had us stopped for a bit and then slow and easy for several miles.  For the past several years in traveling this route we had to drive through Louisville, KY which was a bit hectic, not difficult, just a few confusing lane changes.  They have built a new bridge over the Ohio River on a north-side bypass and that is now our route.  They did make it a toll bridge without toll booths.  Last November when we passed through they took a picture of our license plate and sent us a bill.  I have since purchased an ez-pass transponder which will work for us most anywhere east of the Mississippi.

We always grin when we pass through Hurricane, WV there is a billboard advertising a shop named "Quilts by Phyllis."

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