Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Game 4

I suggested that we stop at game 3 where each of us has a win so we all had bragging rights.  I told Jo and Phyllis that if we played another game someone would be able to brag and the others would feel bad.  They twisted my arm and got out the cards so we did play game number 4 this afternoon.  Now "I" have full bragging rights to this weekends games as champion, winner of games 1 and 4.  😃

Playing cards has always been a pastime enjoyed by our whole family.  Win or lose it passes time and as parents neither Jo nor I ever purposefully let the kids win and they always enjoyed whenever they could beat us, which happens quite often.

Sadly this visit with Phyllis has come to an end and Jo & I head out in the morning for the Atlantic coast.  Our campground tomorrow night is the Assateague State Park just south of Ocean City, MD right on the beach.  There is a herd of wild ponies that roam the island so should get a picture or two.

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