Saturday, September 23, 2017

Meanwhile back at the ranch

Pulled into the driveway of Martin Manor around 2:00 this afternoon.  Notice I said pulled into instead of backed into.  With this rig I can drive in and turn around in the back to put the camper on it's pad, much nicer than trying to back down the drive.

This has been another great trip but it's always good to get back home for awhile.  After finding the GFI outlet problem our camper has worked like intended and a much nicer experience as we learn how to manage the difference from the bigger 5th wheel trailers.  I continue to be impressed with our new truck, The Beast, and how it handles this load seemingly with ease.  3571.6 miles total for this trip with a 9.94 mpg trip average fuel economy.  So far the truck has a 10.3 mpg average since we bought it last May.  That is almost the exact same avg mpg we were experiencing with all our 5th wheel towing.

This truck has a 38 gal fuel tank and with that mileage I have been forced to buy fuel in Illinois.  Since back in my working days when I knew that in Illinois the State fuel tax went direct to the general State monies and then divided up by politicians I have avoided buying fuel in the state.  In Missouri all fuel tax, most of license fees, and some of the auto sales tax go directly to MoDOT for their use on our roadway system.  Unfortunately since Missouri has such a low fuel tax and voters will not pass any tax increase MoDOT is greatly in need of some form of new revenue.

Our next scheduled trip is for November 1 when we head to Renfro Valley, KY for a Rhonda Vincent bluegrass concert.

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