Friday, September 14, 2018

A Great Big OOPS

I guess we didn't really want to see Spain and Portugal?????

Today we were all ready for a shuttle van from the airport to pick us up at Phyllis' house.  I gave Phyllis her travel documents since the travel company sent all that information to me as the owner of the account.  I told JoAnn that she would need to keep her passport in her purse and handy to show when required.  I pulled our passports out of my carry-on bag and before I handed hers to her I opened it up and found that what we had were our old expired passports which meant that our good up-to-date ones were back in Missouri. OOOPS No Spain Trip.  By the time we could get our passports from Missouri and then re-book our flights the tour in Spain would be half over and not really worth trying.

We decided that we would just drive back home, Phyllis will go back to work and cancel her vacation time saving it for another day.

Jo and I stopped a little West of Charleston, WV for a bite to eat and then drove a little further west to find a motel.  Tonight we are in a Best Western just a little bit east of the Kentucky line.  We will drive all the way to home tomorrow.

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Dan said...

Now I understand your "Opps" Well you had a nice trip over to Phyllis's and a short visit.

Sorry again. Looking forward to your October trip and those Fall pictures.