Sunday, May 01, 2011

continue the eastward migration (posted 04/26)

Today we continued our eastward trek across New Mexico and tonight we are in Tucumcari. The good news today was the wind . . . it was 30+/- mph with gusts and most of the drive it was directly behind us pushing us to probably the best fuel economy towing @ 11.3 mpg. The bad news today is the wind . . . last night it rocked us to sleep and woke us up a few times during the night and tonight it feels and sounds like another night of the same rock and roll.

It was a nice drive today with fairly good road conditions and light traffic. Jo is convinced that the sign painter that put up the “watch for elk” signs is the very same one that lies about the “end of road work” but we did see a small herd of antelope today.

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