Sunday, May 01, 2011

change in plans (posted 04/27)

We are back into our familiar time zone about 50 miles west of Oklahoma City. I wonder about the morning rush as we travel through but we’re big enough to take whatever lane that we want. ;-)

We do have a change in the original travel schedule. Originally we had planned to spend two nights in Tucumcari because we like to break up a long stretch of driving days with a day of rest. While we were in California we had a call from Wilma to tell us that she was to have some outpatient surgery on the 29th and she would like to have her sister to be there. We also would like to be there with her so we changed the stay in Tucumcari to one night and will continue our travels to get to Springfield by tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow we will not take the straight path but instead will go by Chanute, KS and drop off the trailer so they can take care of our holding tank problem and then we will have to come back when they are done to pick up the trailer and get it home for the refreshing necessary for our next outing. This is working out better than finding another repair service as I’m sure the factory repair will make it as good as, or hopefully better than, new.

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